Born on Maui in 1950 and raised in Mountain View, California, Neal is a graphic designer, photographer, and early pioneer in digital art. 


As an art student at San Jose State, Neal witnessed the cultural transition he describes as “Happy Days became rock ‘n roll.” Be-ins in the park, free speech and civil rights protests, the war in Vietnam, and the draft dominated conversations and activities of students in San Francisco in the 60s. 


What began as an exercise in covering the walls of his room, turned into a passion for photography and collecting. A camera borrowed from a roommate, a roll of film, and a jug of wine were all he carried the day he and 300,000 other fans attended Altamont. This exhibit is the first showing of Neal’s photos capturing the serenity before the violence that day often referred to as ‘the end of the ‘60s’. 


Neal received his BFA from San Jose State. 


After returning to Hawaii in 1976 and following ‘much surfing’, Neal found himself at the vanguard of digital art. A respected supplier to the commercial industry, Neal continues his work as a graphic designer and videographer. With numerous fine art projects in the works, Neal is driven by his belief in the power of fine art as a source of fun.