David Reed Minoru Hori WAS Born in San Jose, CA, In 1949. HE Graduated from Mountain View High School during the Summer of Love in 1967.  HE WENT ON TO RECEIVE A Doctorate of Pharmacy FROM UCSF In 1973.  


An avid concert-goer and rock lover, Dave’s fascination with guitars led him to photograph them live on stage. With a couple of borrowed cameras and armed with high-speed Ektachrome transparency film, he captured rock legends at a time when cameras were still allowed at concerts. 


A self-described hobbyist, Dave set out to capture moments of unique insight into the performer’s discipline as he was challenged to hold the camera steady amidst a sea of moving bodies. 


This is the first time Dave’s work has been exhibited. His are rare examples of color photography when black and white dominated the genre.